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Hendry County primary election 2012 voting results

HENDRY COUNTY — Candidates waited anxiously to hear the results of the primary election Tuesday night after encouraging citizens to vote all day. Voters who participated in the election were eager to know the count of the final ballots. While each person had their own ideas of who the victors would be, many anticipated that some of the races would be close.

Out of the 16,927 registered voters, only 4,583 practiced their right to vote and their voices were heard.

The results are as follows:

•Mark Chamberlain 56.74%
•Ray Van Houten 32.18%
•E. Carmona 11.07%
•Incumbent Steve Whidden 66.41%
•Matthew Beatty 15.78%
•Steven Maldonado 17.82%

Superintendent of Schools
•Paul Puletti 72.25
•Joel Williamson 27.75%
•Rick Murphy (no opponent, automatically advances)

Supervisor of Elections
•Brenda Hoots 71.76%
•Kim Harris-White 28.24%
•Kevin Drummond (no opponent, automatically advances)
•Rose Raulerson-Mason (bipartisan; no opponent, automatically advances)

School Board Distict 4
•John Perry 47.93%
•Stephanie Busin34.83%
•Cynthia Luevano Potter 17.25%

County Commission District 1
•Janet Taylor 55.44%
•Pamela Jackson 44.56%

The general election is November 6.