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Bilgerat posted The BLM in Okeechobee/North Lake Public Issues at 04:00PM on April 22, 2014

Bilgerat posted Earth Day, how are YOU helping in Okeechobee/North Lake Public Issues at 01:26PM on April 22, 2014

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CLEWISTON — A Clewiston resident was reportedly caught earlier this month powering his home using an extension cord that ran from his neighbor’s home to the panel box on his own property, according to the Community Development Department. The resident had reportedly had his utilities cut off for non-payment, but found an alternative method to power his home, a method … Read more
CLEWISTON — The Clewiston Golf Course is partnering with U.S. Sugar Corporation in a new tournament to benefit East Hendry County Recreation and the city’s public course. The tournament is named after former U.S. Sugar Corp. President and CEO J. Nelson Fairbanks, an avid golfer, according to City Manager Al Perry. “The idea is to help raise money for local … Read more
CLEWISTON — After the passing of Hendry County School Board Chairman, William ‘Ray’ Clinard, on April 5, the decision to either fill the vacant seat or leave it open until … Read more
CLEWISTON — City Manager Al Perry announced earlier this month that Community Development Director Travis Reese would be named fire inspector for the city of Clewiston.   The position of fire … Read more